About Us

Arctic Logistics was established in the year 2007 to supply customers and trading partners with a cost effective, reliable range of International Freight Forwarding, Logistics services by a group of Dynamic professionals having diverse in-depth knowledge and experience in Shipping and Logistics Industry.

By choosing Arctic Logistics, you have selected one of the INDIA's most respected International Freight Forwarding organizations committed to the safe and timely movement of cargo by Sea, Air and Road. Our capabilities in global transportation are supported by specialist personnel highly experienced in Customs procedures. The focus is on delivering innovative logistics solutions to meet the demand of the growing International Trade & Commerce Industry.

Arctic Logistics offers shipping services to and from the worlds major markets, we handle most types of goods, including, automotive/construction equipment, home furnishings and furniture, polyester film, toys, public address system, ceramic tiles, personal and household effects and much more.

How is Arctic Different?

AArctic Logistics is comprised of shipping professionals with literally decades of experience handling both sea and air shipments.

We are not the largest, nor do we want to be. Instead, we strive to be the BEST and truly want to simplify the shipping process for our clients-hence our motto, Shipping "Simplified any where".

If you are interested in saving time, and simplifying your shipping process – try shipping the ARCTIC!